Building The Blank

The oval frame actually starts out as an octagonal blank, see Fig. 1. Four of the pieces are identical ends (A), and the other four are identical sides (B). To cut all eight pieces, youU need to set the saw for three different angles. (See Shop Notes on page 17 for information on cutting accurate angles.)

ends & sides. To cut the ends (A) and sides (B), first rip all eight pieces from stock (1W actual thickness) to a finished width of 5", see Fig. 1. Now miter one end of each piece at 22Vi'.

Then cut each end (A) to final length with a 30' miter at the other end, see Fig. 1. And cut the sides (B) a little longer with the other end mitered at 15*.

Once all the pieces are cut to size, the next step is to rout grooves for splines.

organizing pieces. One thing that's important with spline and groove joinery is making sure the grooves align. So before routing the workpieces, first organize them as they're going to appear in the blank, see Fig. 1. Then draw an "X" on the face of each piece so they 11 be oriented the same way.

routing grooves. Normally, a spline is centered on the thickness of a board. But for this project, a centered spline would be ex

posed once the profile was routed. So to avoid this, I placed the splines off-center (W from the back) on the thickness of the frame pieces, see Fig. 2.

The grooves also have to be stopped short so they won't be seen on the outside of the frame. To rout the stopped grooves, first rout one end of each workpiece in the normal, right to left manner stopping at a center-line drawn on both the router table and the

workpiece, see Fig. 3. (Note: Face the "X" away from the router table fence.)

Then to rout the other end of each piece so the stopped grooves are on the same side, keep the "X" facing out and plunge the work-piece on the bit at the centerline and rout in the normal direction, see Fig. 4.

glue up blank. Now cut splines from W-thick Masonite and glue up the pieces. (For more on this, see page 16.)



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