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Oak Rocking Chair

Angled Tenon Jig

Shop Notes

Seven great tips. 1) Trimming Dovetails Flush. 2) Shim Saver. 3) Switch Extender. U) Custom. Fitting Dadoes. Plus Quick Tips.

This Oak Rocking Chair is made from quarter sawn white oak. It's a solid, handsome heirloom.

Use this jig on the router table when you need to cut angled tenons (as for the Rocking Chair).

1) Gluing an Octagon. 2) Fitting Legs to Rockers. 3) Sizing Splines. U) Using an Adjustable Triangle. 5) Modifying a Bit.

Oak Rocking Chair page 6

Oval Mirror page IS

Oval Mirror

Oval Cutting Jig

Quick Fixes

Router Table Tips

Removing Screws


The frame for this Oval Mirror is shaped using a router — so is the complex profile. We show you how.

Drawing an oval is one thing, but cutting one is something else. Build this jig for use with your router.

Five fixes from the Woodsmith Shop. 1) Loose Tenons. 2) Open Miters. 3) Lifted Veneer. U) Router Chipout. 5) Cracks & Splits.

A shop-made fence to convert your router table into an edge jointer or a zero-clearance fence.

Have you ever tried to dig a broken or damaged screw out of a project? Here are two ways to help ease the pain.

Hardware and supplies needed for the projects in this issue.

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Removing Screws page 30


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