This other system doesn't require a pilot hole. The extractor is a hollow drill bit that works almost like an apple corer. It looks like a short steel tube with teeth at both ends, see photo. (When the teeth on one end wear out, you can use the other end.)

works "in reverse." The hollow bit extractor is used in a portable drill that can be reversed; it can't be used in a drill press. Ifs driven in reverse down over the end of a broken screw, see drawings below.

The hollow bit removes screws in one of two ways depending on the diameter of the broken screw. If the shank is small enough to fit inside the hollow bit, then the extractor drills out a core with the broken screw inside. (The hole is filled with a dowel.)

But if the broken screw is too large to fit inside the hollow bit then the teeth of the bit engage the screw. Since the bit is driven in reverse, the headless screw is backed out of the wood as the bit grabs it and turns.

removes small & large screws. These hollow bit extractors are available in three (outside) diameters, W, ^16", and Vs", see page 31. So they can remove the sizes of screws most commonly used by woodworkers. The hole made by the bit needs to be plugged with a dowel.

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