Open Miters

Sometimes a miter joint doesn't close completely, or it opens up after the project's been assembled. Is there any way to fix it?

■ Miters can be one of the trickiest joints to work with. The trouble is, it's easy to be oft just a little bit when cutting a miter. Or if the miter is cut right, there can still be a gap at the comer if the feme isn't assembled square.

As long as the mitered pieces fit together well to begin with, I close the gap by burnishing (rolling over) the tips, see drawing. This way, the miters don't have to be re-cut

But if the miters are too far out of alignment, there's not much choice but to "break" the joint and start over by re-cutting the pieces or assembling the frame square.

Ted Krai ice k Creative Director

Open miters have many causes but one good solution. Use the shank of a screwdriver to "burnish " the miter tips closed.

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