Router Bits

Carbide-tipped router bits used to build the projects in this issue are available from Woodsmith Project Supplies. Order the shank size to fit your router.

W1514-603 Vfc" Straight Bit

W1514-625 V4" Straight Bit

W1512-665 V4" Straight Bit

W1514-643 W Straight Bit

W1512-676 V2" Straight Bit

W1514-811 Vs" Round-Over

W1512-821 Vs" Round-Over

W1514-400 W Rabbeting

W1512-450 W Rabbeting

W1514-724 W Core Box Bit

W1512-733 W Core Box Bit (W shank) $29.95

V4" ROUND-OVER To make the profile shown on page 24 for the Oval Mirror, you'll need a special router bit. It's a W round-over without a bearing.

On page 17, we've shown how to remove a bearing from a high speed steel Sears router bit (No. 26309), and reshape the bit so it can be lowered into the work.

Another option is to purchase a bit made for this purpose. Cascade Tools (see below) offers carbide-tipped W' round-over bits without a bearing that can be lowered onto a workpiece. The order numbers are C1319 (V4" shank) and C1323 (VS" shank).


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