Side Rails

The next step is to connect the front and back assemblies and create a chair.

rail blank. First cut two side rails (I) to finished width from W-thick stock, see Fig. 12. Then, cut them to length with a 3' miter on each end, see Figs. 12 and 12a.

lay out tenons. To lay out the tenons, first make a mark from the long point of each end, see Fig. 12a. Then, draw a line at

3° to this mark for the shou lder of the tenon.

Now draw two parallel lines to indicate the thickness of the tenon, see Fig. 12a. From the shoulder mark, extend these lines at a 3' angle to the end of the rail.

cuttenons. The angled tenon can be cut by hand with a tenon saw, then cleaned up with a chisel. Or, use the Angled Tenon Jig on the router table as shown on page 14.






The Rocking Chair has two main assemblies: a back and a front. After these are completed, the two side rails are glued and clamped in between to make a chair.

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