Spiral Flute Extractors


Using a spiral flute extractor is a two-step process. First, drill a pilot hole into the damaged or broken screw.

Next, hammer the extractor into the pilot hole. Then grasp the extractor with a wrench and turn it counterclockwise. Since it's tapered, the spiral flutes quickly jam in the pilot hole. As you continue to turn the extractor, it backs out the screw.

Broken Rocking Chair

The hollow bit extractor removes screws in two ways. If the broken screw fits inside the bit, then the extractor drills a core with the screw inside.

But if the broken screw is too large to fit inside the hollow bit, then the teeth on the bit engage the screw. Since the bit is driven in reverse, the broken screw is backed out of the wood as the bit grabs it and turns.

Wood Turning Arms Chair


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