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Most angled tenons can be cut in just two passes over a Vz" straight bit in the router table. The first pass cuts one cheek of the tenon. Then the tenon is completed in a second pass. Only the position of the jig is moved between passes — the workpiece stays clamped on the front lay out tenon. Before using the jig, first cut the ends of the workpiece at the correct angle. Then draw the outline of the tenon at the desired angle on the edge of the work-piece at each end.

The layout marks should indicate the angle, length, and thickness of the tenon.

set up jig. When the tenon is laid out on the workpiece, the jig and router bit need to be adjusted, see Steps 1 thru 3 below. Note: Don't raise the router bit higher than 1" — it can cut into the hinge screws. And to prevent tear-out along the shoulder, stick a piece of masking tape to the face, see Step 2.

1 Miter a piece of scrap to rise as a guide for setting tenon angle. Then tighten the wing nut on the end of pivot a rm.

Clamp workpiece to jig so the edge is tight to the upright fence. The end of the ivorkpiece should beflat on router table.

Slide the body of the jig so the bit aligns to the outside cheek mark. Raise the bit to align to the shoulder mark.

4 Cut the outside of the tenon by holding the runner tight to the front of the table and sliding the jig from right to left.


To complete the tenon, adjust the jig so the bit aligns to the inside cheek mark. Do not change the height of the bit.

6 To rout the inside cheek, you have to slide the jig in the opposite direction (from left to right) to avoid kickback.


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