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How To Make A Groove For The Roll Top Desk

How Make Roll Top Desk

Some people like using a dark denim backing because it doesn't show between the slats. But whatever the material, it not only holds the pieces together, it also acts as the hinge. The canvas allows all the individual pieces to flex as the door slides through the groove. But it takes more than a piece of canvas to allow a door to flex in more than one direction like it has to for an s-shaped tambour . The real secret is the style or profile of the tambour lift rail and slats....

Router Fence

Now that the table is complete, it's time to add the fence. This fence is just a long hollow box made out of 3 4m MDF and Vi hardboard. It's hollow for a few reasons. First, it allows you to attach a vacuum or dust collector hose to the fence so you can remove the chips. Second, it provides an opening to bury the router bit. And finally, the space inside the fence can be used for bit storage. One nice thing about this fence is that it's easy to adjust and lock down. That's because the table...