Router Fence

Now that the table is complete, it's time to add the fence. This fence is just a long hollow box made out of 3/4m MDF and Vi" hardboard. It's hollow for a few reasons. First, it allows you to attach a vacuum or dust collector hose to the fence so you can remove the chips. Second, it provides an opening to "bury" the router bit. And finally, the space inside the fence can be used for bit storage.

One nice thing about this fence is that it's easy to adjust and lock down. That's because the table saw's rip fence does all the work. The router fence is screwed to the rip fence with a couple studded knobs.

FENCE SIDES. To build the fence, the first step is to determine its length, see drawing. You want the router fence longer than your rip fence so you can attach a vacuum to the back side, see photo at right. (My rip fence is 33V2" long, and I made my fence -4V2" longer —38".)

FENCE TOP & BOTTOM. When the sides of the fence have been cut to size, the next step is to cut the top and bottom, see drawing.

the hole to match the hose on your vacuum or dust collector.

I sanded and chamfered this hole. Then glued the fence together.

ENDS. To complete the basic box of the fence, I cut a piece of V411 hard-board to fit in the end next to the dust collection hole and glued it in place. The other end is left open for now. It'll be closed later when the bit storage tray is added.

To join the sides to the top and bottom (and also to hold the ends later), I cut shallow rabbets around the top, bottom, and ends of the side pieces, see drawing and detail 'a' below. These rabbets are V2" wide and deep enough to hold the V411 hardboard.

VACUUM HOLE. Now, before gluing up the fence, cut a dust collection hole near the end of one of the side pieces, see details 'a' and 'b' below. Just size

Vf-wide ' rabbet

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