Bottom Cutter

Burn-Free Stopped Flutes

There's no better way to mill stopped grooves and flutes than by using a plunge router. This type of milling is safer and simpler than using a fixed-base router. All you need to cut perfect flutes is a start block, a stop block and an edge guide. With the router set on the start block, plunge the bit to the preset depth and press the lock lever as you make the cut along the length of the board. At the end of the cut, release the plunge lock lever and the bit retracts off the workpiece, leaving you with the cleanest flutes possible. You won't leave burn marks, as you might if you tipped the router in or waited for it to spin down before extracting it at die end of the cut.

Onboard Scale for Fine Adjustments

Micro-adjustable depth knobs make fine-tuning a plunge router simple. Small changes in bit height can be frustrating to make on some fixed-based routers. Plunge routers allow you to read and fine-ame the depth right on the router's face.

Take advantage of bits designed for a plunge router. Plunge-cutting straight bits have bottom cutters that allow the bit to bore a hole as it is plunged into the work. Bits without a bottom cutter aren't capable of making plunge cuts, because they bottom out in the center.

Use the Right Bit for Plunging

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