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Successful Gluing

Prepare a Cleanup Tool

It's best to remove glue squeeze-out before it hardens. Use a clean putty knife on wide surfaces and a freshly sharpened stick in corners. Wipe them often on a damp rag.

Prepare the Glue Brush

If you use a brush, remove any loose bristles. Acid brushes are inexpensive and work well, but you should cut the bristles to about half their length to more easily control where the glue goes. You can find these brushes at a hardware store.

Do a Dry Fit

Clamp your pieces without glue to make sure the joints come together tightly. This step also serves as a test for your choice of clamps and blocks. Here, a dry run revealed that I need wedge-shaped strips and a spacer to clamp these tapered legs.

Protect Your Wood

Small clamp heads can put big dents in your project. Make sure you've got blocks, strips or pads handy to M ■■ place between the clamp heads and the project's parts. I prefer to make blocks from a soft wood, such as pine, to avoid crushing my project.


Clean Your Bottle's Applicator

If your glue bottle's cap Is clogged with congealed glue, soak it in a jar of very hot water for 15 minutes or so. This softens hardened glue, making it easier to remove.

Fix Too-Tight Joints

If you must pound parts together, the joints are probably too tight. Tenons swell a bit when you add glue, which makes a tight joint more difficult to assemble. The most accurate way to pare a tenon is using a rabbet plane. Its iron is the full width of the plane's body, so it can cut up to the tenon's shoulder.

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Avoid Black Stains

Iron pipes leave black stains on your wood if they directly contact glue squeeze-out. Run a strip of masking tape along the length of each clamp to prevent this problem. Galvanized pipes don't require taping.

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Shop Solution Special

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