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A floor lamp that spreads sunshine all over a room

The Balanced Spectrum" floor lamp combines the benefits of natural daylight indoors with a savings of $77 over the life of one bulb!"

Since Edison invented the light bulb, lighting technology has remained relatively prehistoric. Modem light fixtures do little to combat many symptoms of improper lighting, such as eyestrain, dryness or burning. Now, there's a better way to bring the positive benefits associated with natural sunlight indoors.

Use the Balanced Spectrum® floor lamp...

...and when you need a source of natural light for close-up tasks.

The Balanced Spectrum® floor lamp will change the way you see and feel about your living or work spaces. Studies show that sunshine can lift your mood and your energy levels. But as we all know, the sun, unfortunately, does not always shine. So, to bring the benefits of natural daylight indoors, use the floor lamp that simulates the full spectrum of daylight. You will see with more clarity and enjoyment as this lamp provides sharp visibility for close tasks and reduces eyestrain.

Its 27-watt compact bulb is the equivalent to a 150-watt ordinary light bulb. This makes it perfect for activities such as reading, writing, sewing, needlepoint, and especially for aging eyes.

Experience sunshine indoors at the touch-of-a-switch. This amazing lamp is easy on the eyes and easy on the hands. It features a special "soft-touch, flicker-free" rocker switch

The Balanced Spectrum0 floor lamp will change the way you see and feel about your living or work spaces.

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