Dust Collection

JDS COMPANY - AIR FILTRATION JDS offers quality air filtration units for all size shops. Our new, Model-ER, is equipped with an LCD remote control with speed and timer functions - for larger areas our Models 8-12,10-16, and 2400 are available. "Put the Force to Work in Your Shop". Our new 1.5 H.P. dust collector Is the perfect addition to our award winning line of filtration units - powerful (1250 CFM) portable and ready to work for you! For more information, call 800-480-7269 or visit www.thejdscompany.com. Circle 18.

ONEIDA AIR SYSTEMS Provides cost effective, state-of-the-art dust collection technology to woodworking shops. We design and manufacture industrial grade dust collection systems, 1.5 hp to 20 hp and will provide an engineered ductwork diagram along with a complete parts list. For more information, visit www.oneida-alr.com Circle 27.

PENN STATE INDUSTRIES Award-winning dust collection. Air cleaners, dust collectors, cyclone systems, hose, connectors, adapters, hoods, remote switches, etc. 40-page free catalog. For more information, call 800-377-7297 or visit www.pennstateind.com. Circle 28.

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