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yang raction

Switch Safety

Super Sandpaper

Whenever I was sanding by hand, the sandpaper would roll or slide in my hands, eventually tearing and turning into small, useless scraps. I tried folding it every which way until I finally solved the problem with a little spray adhesive. Now I cut a sheet of sandpaper in half and spray on a light coat of adhesive. Then, I fold the sandpaper to a quarter-sheet size, which is just right for hand-sanding. The glued paper doesn't roll or slide and its double thickness makes it stronger.

Brian Roesch

Handheld Featherboard

This unusual push stick provides fingertip control without risking your fingertips. Its V-notch end wraps around the board's edge to hold the work-piece against both the table and the fence, and its flexible tines produce a gripping action. The curved handle provides a comfortable hand position and effective control.

To make this handy helper, ypu'll need a piece of oak or other hard wood that measures 3/4 in. x 4 in. x 18 in. Start by making V-groove. Saw one end of your blank at a 35-degree angle. Then tilt your tablesaw blade to 45 degrees and use your miter gauge to cut the V-notch. Finish by sawing the curved handle and the l/16-in.-wide tines on a bandsaw.

Robert Srigley

Switch Safety

Sliding switches on some of my older power tools make it difficult to tell whether they'r switched on or off. I didn't think much about it until the time my router started right up when I plugged it in— I had unknowingly switched it on while I was changing bits. Before I could pull the plug, the runaway router had jumped right off my bench.

To easily tell whether my tools are on or off, I slide the switches to the on position—with the tool unplugged, of course— and apply a little bright-colored paint on the portion of the housing exposed by moving the switch. Now, bright paint warns that the power is on.

Serge Duclos

Take a Turn for The Best.

20" x 36" Woodfast Series Lathe Model: 70-500

12" x 16" Woodfast Series Mini Lathe Model: 70-100

Turn with Capacity, Stability and Reliability. 877-884-5167

Close an Open Miter

I didn't notice this misfit miter until glue-up. Fortunately there's an easy way to hide narrow gaps like this one. Before the glue dries, rub the corner with a hard, rounded object, like a big drill bit. Rubbing crushes the wood fibers inward and closes the gap. The fibers stiffen as the glue dries. This leaves a rounded corner that's barely noticeable unless the gap is really wide.

Byron Scott

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