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4Clamp the guide board on your workbench and carefully sand to the pencil line. When you're done, check the fit against the wall.The beauty of this method is that if the fit's not quite right, you can just mark and sand again.

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Screw the scribed side guide boards to the template base. Mark, sand and attach the back guide board last, because it butts between the two side guide boards.

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Mark both side guide boards at the exact point where you want the front edge of the countertop located.This mark will be used to accurately align the guide boards on the countertop.

Use a square to align the counter-top's front edge with the marks on the side guide boards.The countertop must be slightly larger than the template assembly.

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Rout the countertop's fin-KJ ¡shed shape using a top-bearing pattern bit. Start at the countertop's front right corner and rout counterclockwise.

Tilt the counter into place. Fasten it with screws from underneath through the ' top of the base cabinet. A wood cleat screwed to the right-hand cabinet supports this top on the right side.

Sources Router Bit World, (800) 630-2260, Amana Top bearing 3/4-in,-dia. plunge bit, #45465, $40.

Stop routing short of the front left corner and use a belt sander to remove the remaining material.This prevents the router bit from chipping out the front edge. A piece of masking tape provides a clear mark where to stop sanding.

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