5/8" x 1" x4"

Sources Freud Inc. (800) 334-4107, Tongue-and-groove bit, #99-036, $70. 1/4-in.-radius round-over bit, #34-120, $27. • Woodcraft, (800) 225-1153 SealCoat, 1 quart, #823195, $9. General Gel Stain, Candlellte color, 1 quart, #826966, $9. Deft clear semi-gloss finish, 1 quart, #143194, $10, or 12-ounce aerosol can, #143197, $6. 5-mm shelf pins, bag of 25, #27132, $3. Double magnet catch, #27H04, $2 ea. 1-3/8-ln. x 2-in. butt hinges #85112, $4 a pair. 1-1/4-in.-dia. cherry knobs, package of 10, #125437, $15.

8 Glue guides to the bottom of the drawers. A spacer set in a notch in the drawer back and centered at the front of the drawer keeps the two guides correctly positioned. Use a couple of bricks to hold the guides in place while the glue dries.

9 Install the hinges and doors.The top and bottom of the doors have a lip, but the sides do not. This allows you to use standard butt hinges. The hinges are mortised into both the door and the case.


Back in 1933, the single most important watch ever built was engineered for a quiet millionaire collector named Henry Graves. It took over three years and the most advanced horological technique to create the multifunction masterpiece. This one-of-a-kind watch was to become the most coveted piece in the collection of the Museum ofTime near Chicago. Recendy this ultra-rare innovation was auctioned off for the record price of $11,030,000 by Sotheby's to a secretive anonymous collector. Now the watch is locked away in a private vault in an unknown location. We believe that a classic like this should be available to true watch aficionados, so Stauer replicated the exact Graves design in the limited edition Graves '33.

The antique enameled face and Bruguet hands are true to the original. But the real beauty of this watch is on the inside. We replicated an extremely complicated automatic movement with 27 jewels and seven hands. There are over 210 individual parts that are

27 jewels and 210 hand-assembled parts drive this classic masterpiece.

assembled entirely by hand and then tested for over 15 days on Swiss calibrators to ensure accuracy. The watches are then reinspected in the United States upon their arrival.

W/jat makes rare watches rare?

Business Week states it best.. ."It's the complications that can have the biggest impact on price." (Business Week, July, 2003). The four interior complications on our Graves™ watch display the month, day, date and the 24 hour clock graphically depicts the sun and the moon. The innovative engine for this timepiece is powered by the movement of the body as the automatic rotor winds the mainspring. It never needs batteries and never needs to be manually wound. The precision crafted gears are "lubricated" by 27 rubies that give the hands a smooth sweeping movement. And the watch is tough enough to stay water resistant to 5 atmospheres. The movement is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Not only have we emulated this stunning watch of the 1930s but just as surprising, we've been able to build this luxury timepiece for a spectacular price. Many fine 27-jewel „^

automatics that are on the market today are usually *|f priced well over $2,000 dollars, but you can enter the ratified face of the world of fine watch collecting original i 930 s for under $ 100. You can now Graves timepiece wear a millionaire's watch but from ttl®

Museum ofTime.

still keep your millions in your vest pocket. Try the handsome Graves '33 timepiece risk free for 30 days. If you are not thrilled with the quality and rare design, please send it back for a full refund of the purchase price.

Not Available in Stores

Call now to take advantage of this limited offer.

Stauer Graves™ 33 Wristwatch Three Payments of $33 +S&H

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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