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Source Lee Valley, (800) 871-8158, www.leevalley.com Lee Valley Caoinetmaker's Glue 2002 GF, #62K01.11,17 oz., $8.

American Woodworker march 2007 91

Consider a Slow-Set Glue

Most wood glues have a 5-minute open time. If you have a complicated assembly, use a glue that gives you extra time, such as Lee Valley's 2002 GF. Its open time is 15 to 20 minutes.

Source Lee Valley, (800) 871-8158, www.leevalley.com Lee Valley Caoinetmaker's Glue 2002 GF, #62K01.11,17 oz., $8.

American Woodworker march 2007 91

Adjust Your Clamps

Make sure your clamps are ready before you glue Unscrew the handles until you have a maximum amount of thread available. Stic- . camps can slow you down. Slide the shd-c -ead on a smai bar damp or the ta stop on a pipe clamp to make sure it moves freely.

Get Ready for a Mess

A cotton rag and a -g r warm water are handy for wiping up spilled glue or lots of squeeze-out. I clt out :ne side of a plastic, jg ;o ~ake a convenient, dis-posac e container.

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Crazy Mistakes Woodworkers Make

Shorts Shock

My husband uses scraps of wood, called "shorts," for carving. In a lumber store, he saw some lovely pieces in a bin behind the counter. But he had a lot of explaining to do after he asked the clerk, "Do you mind if I come around and poke through your shorts?"

Cathy Groves

Guide-Bushing Boo-Boo

I used biscuits to align the boards when I glued together the seat of the rocking chair I was building for my granddaughter. After chiseling a hollow for her little butt, I started to sand the seat smooth. When a slight discoloration appeared, I thought, "No problem. It'll sand out." But sanding only made things worse: Eventually I exposed one of the alignment biscuits. Argh!

I decided to cover the exposed biscuit with a little heart-shaped inlay. After all, one measure of woodworking prowess is concealing unintentionally imparted "character flaws"! I practiced routing on scrap stock, using a shop-made template and two guide bushings. First I routed the recess. Then I changed bushings and routed the inlay. The parts fit perfectly. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to complete the job, but I left everything set up on my workbench.

I returned a week later, excited about embellishing the rocking chair's seat with what I was now calling my "signature mark." I would add little inlaid hearts in all of my projects. Immediately, I routed the recess in the seat. But when I installed the heart-shaped inlay, my heart sank. The recess was way too big. I'd forgotten that the router was still set up to rout the inlay. Because I hadn't swapped the bushings, instead of a signature mark, I'd given the rocker another character flaw!

Tony Abbruzzi

Make your woodworking mistakes pay! Send us your most memorable "What was I thinking?" blunders. You'll receive $100 for each one we print. E-mail to [email protected] or send to AW Oops!, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121. Submissions can't be returned and become our property upon acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media.

edited by Tim Johnson



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