Built-in Bit Protection

One advantage a plunge router has over a fixed-base model is bit protection. A plunge router automatically surrounds and protects your expensive bits when it's not in use. Just push your finger to disengage the lock lever and the spring-loaded mechanism retracts the housing, lifting the bit into the safety of the router base. This protects your bits, your fingers and your benchtop from accidental nicks.

A Star at Cutting Mortises

Cutting mortises is much easier with a plunge router than with a fixed-base model. A deep mortise can be cut without overtaxing the router or the bit. An adjustable stepped turret is the key. It allows a plunge router to make a series of relatively shallow but ever deeper cuts. You don't have to tip a spinning bit into the work as you would with a fixed-base router. A simple twist of the plunge router's stepped turret allows to you increase the depth-of-cut setting for the next pass, guaranteeing a cut that's not too deep.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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