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Benchtop Ornamental Mill by George Vondriska

Legacy Woodworking has a long history of producing ornamental mills. These incredible machines are similar to a lathe, with the workpiece mounted between head and tail stocks, but they use a router rather than handheld tools. The router can cut spirals, flutes, coves, ropes and dentil moldings. Turning the handle on the machine's left end rotates the work-piece and tracks the router left to right. The gears and router bit can be changed to achieve different effects.

Until now, a Legacy ornamental mill was quite large and cost as much as $9,300, depending on the model. The new Legacy Revo has a smaller footprint, 24 in. x 48 in., and a smaller price tag, $795, router not included. Weighing only 65 pounds, it can be placed on a workbench and put away when you're done.

The Revo has many of the same creative capabilities of its larger cousins but a smaller capacity. The Revo will handle stock as big as 6 in. in diameter and 32 in. long. Other machines in Legacy's line can handle stock as large as 13 in. in diameter and 126 in. long.

Ornamental mills are very cool machines, capable of many operations. If you're interested in learning more, call Legacy and ask for a free DVD. You'll become hooked!

Source Legacy Woodworking, (800) 279-4570, Legacy Revo, #LREV0, $795.

The Legacy ornamental mill is capable of making complex decorative designs on round objects, both large and small. It will also make moldings for flat objects, such as the jewelry box shown above.


/ Helping You Make Wood Work®

For A Free Catalog Or To Find Your Local Woodcraft Store, Visit Or Call 800-542-9115.

Pinnacle is defined by Webster's as the highest point of development or achievement. The latest offering of clamping, marking, and measuring tools that bear the Pinnacle™ name have certainly earned their logo. Every detail of these Pinnacle™ tools was engineered with one thing in mind; provide woodworkers with tools that empower them to craft higher quality, more professional cabinetry and furniture. Pinnacle™ tools are available exclusively at Woodcraft.

pinnAcle professional quality tools

Pinnacle 4" Box Clamp

Quickly square up and secure the pieces of any box structure with a thickness between 1/4" to 1 "1 147529 (1} $34.99

Pinnacle Clamping Square & Wedge

Maintain a perfect square while assembling frames, cabinets, or just about any box!

147530 $34.99 Clamping Square (pr)

143938 $10.99 Straight Line Toggle Clamp_

Dept: 07WA03P

Pinnacle Precision Straight Edge Rule

Each inch and fractional marking is laser engraved to a positioning tolerance of .0002". 147624 24" $44.99

Pinnacle Precision Triangle Set

Both the 41/2" and 61/4M Triangles in this set are manufactured to extremely accurate standards and guarantee perpendicular accuracy to well within .001 ". 147623 Set of 2 $44.99


Circle No. 165 Tenon-cutting router bit, #800.627.11, $99."/>
Source CMT, (888) 268-2487, Tenon-cutting router bit, #800.627.11, $99.

Feature-Packed 6-in. Jointer

Grizzly's G0604 jointer includes great features usually found on more expensive machines. At 56 in., its bed is about 10 in. longer than those on standard 6-in. jointers. As you know, every extra inch is helpful for jointing straight edges on long stock.

The G0604's four-knife cutterhead spreads out the workload more than a typical three-knife cutter-head, so you can go longer between knife changes. My tired back appreciates the easy-to-reach on/off switch. I also like the extra large off paddle. A mobile base is built in, saving you the cost of adding one later.

The infeed and outfeed tables operate on a parallelogram system, instead of sliding on dovetailed ways. It's easier to tweak the tables into alignment on parallelogram-bed jointers if needed, because shimming isn't necessary.

machining one face, then flipping the board to cut the other face, may result in irregularly sized tenons.

A guide sheet is included with the bit, indicating which shims and spacers to use to achieve a tenon of a given size, but test cuts are still recommended to perfectly match the tenon to a mortise.

You'll need at least a 2-1/4-hp router to rout the longest tenons in a single pass. You also need variable speed, since this bit should run at 12,000 rpm. The shop-made sled (see photo, left) is a must when cutting narrow rails.

Source Grizzly Industrial, (800) 523-4777, G0604 6-in. jointer, $525.

New Way To Cut Tenons

The new CMT Tenon-Cutting Router Bit, $99, simplifies making tenons. Working like a massive tongue cutter, CMT's bit cuts tenons from 3/16 in. to 3/8 in. thick and as long as 1-1/16-in. in a single pass. It can handle material up to 1-3/8 in. thick.

The bit consists of four stackable slot cutters and an assortment of spacers and shims. The beauty of this system is that once the slot cutters are correctly spaced, every tenon you cut is exactly the same size, regardless of minor differences in material thickness. In contrast, tenon-cutting techniques that require of

The SignPro's new guide bushings have brass necks, which should hold B^ up better than the AKS plastic ones on the Signcrafter. The T^^JKfe, mounting brackets are larger and easier to clamp to the work. In fact, two C-clamps are included with the kit.

The SignPro comes with ^^SL four sets of letters and numbers.

BS Each piece is clearly labeled to identify the character. Two sets are 1-1/2 in. tall and two are 2-1/2 in. tall. New with the fW SignPro is the ability to place the numbers vertically in the jig, as you ¿a would to rout numbers along a mail-~ box post. A universal router plate, designed to accept the Milescraft guide bushings, is included with the kit, along with

Reworked Sign-Making Kit

Having recently used a Milescraft Signcrafter to rout names into nearly 1,000 fence pickets for a playground project, I was excited to look at the new Milescraft SignPro, $49.99, a beefier version of the Signcrafter.

Milescraft will continue to sell the Signcrafter, which retails for $10 less than the SignPro, but I think the SignPro is definitely worth the extra dough.

Source Milescraft, (815) 874-2400, SignPro, $49.99.

Simple, Accurate Bit-Height Gauge

The new Easy Set from Sommerfeld's Tools, $29, is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time. It easily j __

and precisely sets the height of eight different Sommerfeld's and GMT router bits.

Each arm on the Easy Set matches a different bit profile. To use the Easy Set, first measure the thickness of the material you'll rout. The more accurately you measure your material's thickness, the more accurately you can adjust the Easy Set. Each click on the dial raises or lowers the profiles by 1/128 in. Turn the dial to position the pointer at your material's thickness. This adjusts the profile to the perfect distance above the router table. Slide the Easy Set up to your router bit and adjust the bit's height to match the profile.

The Easy Set works with material from 23/32 in. to 1-3/16 in. thick. The eight profiles it contains are lock miter, 22.5-degree lock bit, drawer lock, reverse glue joint, groove of a tongue and groove, glass-panel cope cutter, raised-panel cope cutter and raised panel. These profiles are specific to CMT and Sommerfeld's bits and may not work with other brands.

Source Sommerfeld's Tools for Woodworking, (888) 228-9268, Easy Set router setup jig, $29.

Milwaukee 5625 Router Motor Only

Router with External Switch and Speed Control

Source JessEm Tool Co., (866) 272-7492, Tool Router Table Milwaukee Motor #05626, $489.

When we tested routers with 3-hp or larger motors ("Tool Test: Powerhouse Routers for the Router Table," AW #106, March, 2004, page 58), the Milwaukee 5625-20 was our Editors' Choice. JessEm Tool Co. and Milwaukee have teamed up to make this great router even better for router tables. The new JessEm Tool Router Table Milwaukee Motor, $489, is sold as the motor only (without base) and is specifically designed to go into a router lift. It's the same great motor we loved in our tool test, with electronic variable speed from 10,000 to 22,000 rpm and soft start. Any lift that accepts the Milwaukee 5625-20 motor will accept this one.

The new model comes with a separate switch and speed control that can be mounted on the outside of your router table. This is the first external switch we've seen that combines both features. This convenience does come at a price, though. This machine is about $150 more than the same router with base and built-in controls.

28 American Woodworker march 2007

28 American Woodworker march 2007

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