Triangular Rail

Finishing Rack

While doing the dishes the other night, I looked at the drying rack and thought, "Wow! I need one of these in my shop."

First I drilled centered 5/8-in-dia. holes every 3 in. along both edges of a 1-in. x 6-in.-wide board. After mitering both edges to a point, I ripped off the two triangular rails. This shape minimizes contact with the finished parts as they dry. To complete the rack, I glued 14-in.-long dowels in the holes and connected the rails by screwing on two 3/4-in. x 1-in. pieces. The rails pivot on the screws, so when I'm not using the rack, it folds up flat and hang§ on the wall.

Dwight Smith

5/8" DOWEL

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