Wood Storage Box Included

• 8 Straight • 6 Round Over • 6 Cove • 5 Dovetail • 4 Chamfer • 3 V-Groove

• 3 Core Box • 3 Round Nose • 2 Roman Ogee • 3 Hinge Mortising • l Bevel ' 2 Slot Cutter • 2 Flush Trim • l Bevel Trim • l Point Cutting Round Over

• l Flat Bottom Round Over • 1 Rabbeting • 1 Multi Bead/Reed Bit • 1 Keyhole

• 1 Double Cove & Bead • 1 Flat Bottom Sign Lettering

> 1 Classical Bit • 1 Dish Cutter • 2 Edge Beading

> 1 Groove Forming Classical • 1 Cove Sign Lettering ■ 1 Double Fillet & Cove • 1 Ogee Filet • 1 Panel Pilot

> 1 Double Round Over • 3 bearings & alien wrench


Mortises and Tenons

Combine the WoodRat's up-and-down and side-to-side movements to rout mortises. For mortising, the workpiece must be clamped in a jig that's held in the clamps. This jig can be shop-made or purchased as

Kehole Spline Jig

Rout mortises by locking the router in position, plunging into the workpiece and then using the crank to advance the cut. Rout to full depth in several shallow passes.

an accessory ($59). To rout tenons, combine side-to-side and forward-and-backward movements. For this operation, the workpiece must be clamped against the sliding bar.

Rout tenon sides by locking the router in position and cranking the sliding bar.To rout the edges, crank the workpiece into position and then move the router forward and backward.

The WoodRat doesn't have templates or adjustable fingers like other dovetailingjigs do. Instead, you rout tails in one board and then use that board and an index mark (see photo, below) to rout pins and tails on all the remaining boards. This unique system allows you to freely space pins and tails.

To rout dovetails, two boards are mounted on the sliding bar (see photo, left). One completed tail board is used as a template to rout all the other tail boards and all of the pin boards.The wedge-shaped pins are cut with a straight bit (see photo left). Rout one side of the pin with the router's plate angled to the left and the other side with the plate angled to the right.

A single tail board and a bit-shaped index mark traced from a pin socket are the keys to perfect dovetails.The mark allows using the tail board as a template for routing all the other boards. Because the two clamped boards move simultaneously, centering the index mark inside each pin socket automatically locates the second board for the corresponding cut.

Source The Craftsman Gallery, (866) 966-3728, www.craftsmangallery.com WoodRat WR5, #10-105, $629. WR5 package deal including digital scale and six other accessories, #11-105, $699. Plunge bar, #14-110, $35. Quick-change chuck, #13-190, $52. T-handle hex driver, #32-290, $3.50. Digital scale, 7-1/2-in. capacity, #30-150, $48; 10-in. capacity, $54. Mortise rail, #30-115, $59.


Dovetails require two separate operations. You rout tails in one board, using a dovetail bit and the WoodRat's forward-and-back movement. In another board, you rout pins, using angled movements and a straight bit. In both operations, the crank is used to move the board laterally between routing passes.

Woodrat Wr5 Review

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