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An alternative to the template used with a guide hushing Is I this template, which incorporates fences that guide the router base.You don't have to use a guide bushing withil You don't even have to use- a plunge router!

What 1 particularly like about this template is that you don't have to work with a template window that's much larger than the mortise. The window is exacdy the same length and width as the mortise. So to position the template, you merely have to set it on the layout lines penciled1 on the workpicccs.

What to do?

The best solution Is a router-mounted chip-extraction setup. Some manufacturers, notably DeWalt and Bosch, offer such accessories. Typically, .! a plastic shroud with a vacuum-hose connection is 1 mounted inside the base. The shroud surrounds the -J bit. The vacuum pulls the chips out of the cut and through the bit opening in the base, then sucks themil away to the shop vac.

The alternative is to stop work and vacuum the I chips out of the cut. On some occasions, usually when working pine. I've had to use a screwdriver to II clean the ledge between the template slot and the \ mortise to ensure that the guide bushing could get J into the corners of the template slot.

When chips clog the cut, the resulting mortise is seldom accurate. Usually, this means you have to stop and vacuum the chips out of the cut. But with a vacuum pickup attached to the router, you can suck those chips out of the cut as the router bit produces them.

A base guiding mortising template is simple to make and use. The wooden cleats attached to the template material guide the router as it cuts the window m the template, and also as it cuts the mortise itself.

Cutting List








J4" X 1 5" X 1 S"

Birch plywood



K" x 1 ft" x 1S"





fc" X 1 ft" X 1 5"*




y/'x ]ft-x is"*


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