Mortise in the Panels Face

Any time you have a mortise in the face of a panel, you have a situation in which a mortising template can lie a benefit.The difficulty, as I noted at the outset of this chapter, is that you can't mount a panel in the typical jig designed to hold stiles and rails for mortising. But with a template, die panel can be dogged to a workl>ench and the template damped to it. The template controls the position and length of the mortise.

My example here Ls a chest of drawers 1 repnxluced for the book Country Pine (Rodale Press, 1995). The piece- had its face rails mortised into the case sides (and drawer runners mortised into the backs of the raiLs). There were no stiles extending from top to bottom as in the typical face frame. It would have been possible to use an edge guide and freehand-rout the mortises in the sides, but 1 was put off from this

Match thickness of template to length, of template // guide collar. //



r /




Mortising window

Trimmed positioning block

Trimmed positioning block

Center template over layout lines for mortise, and clamp it to the legs. Then butt triangular positioning block against the legs and fasten it to the template.



Vz" square mortise


Drawer runner

approach by the possibility that I'd inadvertently rout too fat making a mortise too long. Instead I used a template, sincc it would ensure accurate sizing and placement of the mortises.

The template 1 used had windows in it for the five different mortises required. It is shown in the drawing Joinerj Template. Because the mortises were only \i inch deep, the template thickness wasn't a prime consideration: I used '/¿-inch plywood. All the mortises were routed with a Vinch-diameter guide bushing and a '/»-inch straight bit.To make the template easy to use. I lined up the mortising windows parallel to one edge, my refcrcncc edge.Then I attached! fence to the template to locate it in relation to the edge of | the workpiece.

To use the template. I laid out each mortise on the] workpiece. First, I scribed a centcriine from end to end. fa inch from the panel's front edge.'l"hen I marked the mid point of each mortise. I laid the template on the panel. wiiA the cleat butted against the front edge. Then 1 lined up the template slot over the layout, centering it by eye. I damped 1 the template securely, set the router on the template with the guide's collar in the appropriate slot, turned on the router, plunged the bit, and made the cut.

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