Bit Opening Inserts

Interchangeable inserts scale the mounting plate's bit opening to whatever size bit you are using to keep you routing safely, how to make them for your router table.

This is safety as much as savvy. You bit opening in the mounting plate closed down around the bit just as closely as possible.This prevents the workpiece from dipping into the bit opening, snagging the edge, maybe stalling the cut.

If you've opened up the bit hole to accommodate a 3-tnch (or larger) panel-raising bit, don't then fit a '/2-inch dovetail bit or 54-inch straight bit in the router and expect to rout a groove without hazard or hangup.

A possible solution, especially if you have a mounting-plate template, is to knock out several plates, each with a different size of bit opening.

Hut an interesting alternative is to make a special mounting plate with a set of bit opening inserts. The dimensions are shown in the drawing Bit Opening Insert Layouts. I made the set shown in die photo from Vinch dear acrylic. The basic bit opening in the mounting plate is }'/2 inches in diameter, large enough to accommodate the largest panel-raiser in any bit collection. It has a ^inch-wide X Vi«.-inch-deep rabbet around it. The inserts are 4 inches in diameter and are similarly rabbeted so the insert fits into the bit opening and rests flush. The bit openings in the inserts are matched to different, commonly used bit azes—'•-'-inch, I-inch. ifeinch.and so on. I've got one that's bored out and rabbeted for template guides.

Both the mounting plate's bit opening and the inserts

This mismatch of bit to bit opening is trouble.

With a small bit in a large opening, the work can catch the far side of the bit opening and get hung up. Even worse, it could tip into the void. If you are lucky, it will only ruin the workpiece. But using an insert closes down a hole big enough for a panel-raiser to provide near-zero clearance for a K-inch cove bit (inset).

are cut using the same template. In fact, you can incorporate the required orifice into the mounting-plate template, thus simplifying the matter of ensuring that the bit opening is concentric with the bit axis.

bit opening insert layouts


8-32 flathead ,nserl machine screw



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