Building the Fence

A router table isn't complete without a fence. Hie fence shown is real basic—a board with shop-made clamps. It has a cutout for a bit. This basic fence is my workhorse; it gets a lot of use

1. Cut and shape the clamp blocks. The contour and dimensions of the clamp blocks are shown in the drawing Fence Flan.

The clamps are easiest to form with a band saw and a stationary' sander. Enlarge the pattern, transfer it to a single board of the correct thickness, and then saw out the blocks. The sander will smooth and blend the edges.

As an alternative, you can saw out the clamp blocks with a table-mounted saber saw. Or you can rough them out on the table saw; the details of doing this are related in the directions for making the Split Fence, on page 237.

In any event, you should complete the clamp blocks by sanding or filing a narrow flat at the jaw s tip.Then round-over the exposed edges with sandpaper or a file.

2. Drill the holes in the blocks. The clamp blocks arc mounted to the fence with '/4-inch carriage bolts. Each block has a panhcad screw protruding from the top; the screw projects into a hole in the fence, keeping the block from twisting.




Sand flat tip of jaw.

Alignment screw K"

Sand flat tip of jaw.

hole for bolt

To provide a little play for the mounting bolts, bore Vte-inch holes through each block, as shown in the drawing. Also drill a pilot hole and drive the alignment screw into it. Leave the head protruding about vk. inch.

3- Prepare the fence. Cut the fence to the dimensions specified by the Cutting last. The cutout for the bit can be created with a 1 '/¿-inch Forstncr bit. The center of the hole should lie 'A inch from the fence's edge. After drilling this opening, lay out and drill the clamp-bolt holes. Finally, rout a chamfer on all the edges.

4. Mount the clamps. Insert the bolts in the holes in the clamp blocks, and seat the heads with a hammer blow. Slip the bolts through the fence, drop a flat washer over the shank, and turn the plastic knobs onto the bolts. Align the screws in the alignment holes, and the fence is ready to slide onto the tabletop.

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