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The work platform for this router table is a thick, broad. 1am-inatc-covcrcd tablctop. Your preferences may lead you to have exposed edge-banding or to cover the edges, as well as the top, with laminate. Hie top I chose to make has semi-conecaled oak cdgc-banding. To me. this is the most durable configuration, since die laminate protects the edge-banding as well as the substrate.

The 1 '¿-inch-thick tahletop is certainly heavier than a 1-inch-thick one, which means it gives greater mass to the entire table. It seems more substantial.

1. Make the tablctop. Let me direct you to the chapter "Custom Router Table Top" on page 156. There you will find detailed, step-by-step directions for gluing up the substrate, applying the plastic laminate, and so on. The tablctop described in that chapter is the very tahletop used on this router table. (1 believe you'll find that the tabletop section of the Cutting list here matchcs the Cutting List there. It's the same tabletop.)

2. Make the hinges. Rather than rush ahead and cut the mounting plate opening, get the tabletop installed on the stand. Then the top will be supported when you do cut the opening. The first step in mounting the tabletop is to make the hinges.

The mounting approach gives you the first of the

Mitered ends Hardwood edge-banding

Plastic laminate


Threaded insert

3/fe"-dia. X 7/\6m pilot for insert

Mitered ends Hardwood edge-banding

'Backer" laminate

Flat washer

Hinge Bronze bushing Flat washer

H"-dia. hole for bushing !4"-dia. shank hole for bolt



Plastic laminate

VC birch plywood

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