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Hanging-up hole .

comers. Those corners aren't rounded just for looks; they have a purpose. Clamp a template at a corner of something like a tabletop, and you can round the corner using your router and pattern bit. No saw marks to sand away, no ripples or flat spots. Use the same template at each corner on the tabletop. for example, and you can round the corners smoothly and consistently.

The templates give you corner-round guides starting at a Vt-inch radius and jumping in '/ยป-inch increments to 3 inches.

To make it a little easier to position the corncr-ruunding templates, I made little plastic stops that you attach to the edges of the templates. The idea is that you make two, then attach them on each side of whichever comer pattern you are using. When you use a different-radius corner, just move the stops. The mounting "screws" have plastic knobs that make it easy.

Cutting List





Template 1


'/t' x 6" x 18"


Template 2-5


Wx 12" x 14"




W x 2" x 3"



2 hanger bolts. x 2" 2 hex nuts,

2 knurled plastic knobs,

1" dia. with Va" threaded insert;

#DK-32 from Reid Tool Supply Co. (800-253-0421)

4 flathead wood screws, #6 x

Hanging-up hole


Hanging-up hole

Hanging-up hole .

Movable stops make it easy to position the corner-rounding templates. A "screw," made up of a hanger bolt and a plastic knob, is turned by hand into a pilot hole in the edge of the template, attaching the plastic stop. The stops catch on the edges of the workpiece, ensuring that the template is aligned flush.

Accurately sized template holes are essential. When using a trammel, it's worth the trouble to make a test cut in scrap and measure it before cutting the template.

so some sanding is inevitable. You do need smooth, nick-free edges for the templates to be worth using.

4. Drill hanging holes. If you plan to store the templates by hanging them up, by all means make a hole in each specifically for that.The hanging hole invariably gets nicks and dents from the shank of the nail from which it hangs. You don't want those injuries inflicted on the template hole, because they'll transfer to the holes you rout.

5. Make the stop plates. What you need are two 2 x 3-inch pieces of scrap. I used plastic left over from making baseplates because 1 had it and it looks cool. But plywood would work swell, as would thin hardwood scraps.

The stop plate has two points on each side of a mounting-screw hole. The points dig into the template as the mounting screw is tightened, thus preventing the stop from twisting.

Cut the scraps to size, chamfer the edges on the router table, then lay out the holes, as shown in the drawing Stop Detail. The center hole must provide clearance for the mounting knob, so it should be bigger than the threaded section of the shank. Drill pilots for the two sheet-metal screws.

Drive the screws into the latter two holes.

6. Install the stops. To mount the stops. I wanted to have a screw with a plastic knob on it. No one (that I know of) makes a studded plastic knob with a tapered thread. So I used a hanger bolt, which has a machine thread on one end, a tapered thread on the other. Turn a nut on the shank, then the knob. Jam the nut against the knob.

Bore the pilot holes into the template edges for the stops.To mount a stop, hold it in position, insert the screw shank into the hole, and tighten the screw.


Plastic knob (Reid #DK-32)

Clearance hole for-' I f hanger bolt mounting screw ... . c

Pilot For screw


#6 X Vz" roundhead sheet metal screw

SECTION VIEW Va'X 1" pilot hole

Mounting screw

#6 X Vz" roundhead sheet metal screw

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