Crosshair Baseplate

Catch layout marks in your router's crosshairs to plunge-bore on-target holes.

Though it will never replace the drill and drill press, the plunge router is an excellent boring tool. Sure, its range and flexibility are somewhat limited, but there are some applications in which it outperforms drills. And if you don't have a drill press, it can sometimes be a workable substitute.

The advantage of the plunge router over the portable clcctric drill, of course, is that it bores a hole that's perfectly square to the work surface. And although it can't bore a deep hole, it can bore to a preestablished depth.

This special baseplate can make it easier to accurately place the holes you bore with a plunge router. When using a plunge router, it's difficult to eyeball the exact location of the hole. The bit doesn't have a centerpoint to line up on a mark, and the bulk of the motor makes it impossible to sight down on the bit. The crosshair baseplate helps overcome this problem. I call it the crosshair baseplate because it is simply a piece of clear plastic with crosshairs delineating the centerpoint of the bit.

To use the baseplate, you must lay out hole locations on the workpiece using two lines crossing at right angles. Set the router on the work, and line up the baseplate's crosshairs over the layout. Flick on the router and plunge. The hole will be just where you want it.

This baseplate works especially well with trigger-switch routers, like the Bosch plungers, which allow you to switch the router on and off the way you would a drill.

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