Custom Router Table

It must be flat, strong, and stable, must both withstand and dampen vibration, and must have a hard, tough, slick surface. Here's how to make the ideal router table top.

The tablctop is the dance floor of the router-oriented workshop. A gifted performer can do a dance on any sort of floor. But on a strong, stable platform, with a smooth, almost frictionlcss surface, you can really dazzle.

So what's your pleasure? Do you perform woodworking ballet? Or arc you just a down-home dogger? For either extreme, and ever)' style in between, your own personal dance will be most fulfilling on a platform of your own creation. Oh, you can hire a stage, and if it's all you ever use, you'll be happy enough.

But try a surface custom-tailored to your act. If you want it just right, you have to build it yourself. Then you'll have a unique tablctop. one that can't be purchased, not at any store, not from any catalog.

The industry standard for a router table top seems to be a 1'/»-inch-thick X 24-inch-wide X 32-ineh-long top. Sized to get six from a 4 X 8 sheet. Medium-density fiber-board (MDF) core with plastic laminate on both sides. Tough polyethylene T-molding edging the top. Available with or without a mounting plate opening and with or without a miter slot. These router table lops are well made, they are flat, and they are reasonably priced.

But why on earth would you buy one when you cal make your own personal, custom-tailored tablctop for ks] money? It is not difficult. If you can glue two together, you can make a laminate-covered router tabic top j (Come on now, are you a wchkI worker or a collector (j corded tools?)

When you make your own tabletop, you don't havcl settle for the onc-sixth-of-a-sheet-of-MDF size. You can i it somewhat smaller to fit better in a shop that's a for space. You can make it bigger, even big enough accommodate more than a single router. You can make) thicker or thinner, too.

When you make your own tabletop. you can havti choice of edgings—plastic T-molding. yes, but also laminate or solid-wood edge-banding, in semiconcealcdl exposed styles. You can trim it with oak or walnut or. ifj want, bubinga.

When you make your own tabletop. you can have i color or pattern of laminate on it you want. Black? Youj it. Turquoise? You got it. Granite? Plasti-Wood? What you want! You buy it, you apply it.

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