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Part Qty. Dimensions Material

Baseplate I Va" X 6'/4" X 6VC Clear plastic*

'You can use acrylic or polycarbonate for this baseplate.

the blank. Switch to a countersink, and countersink the holes so the flathead screws you use will set below the baseplate surface.

Separate the blank from the stock baseplate. The protective paper will probably peel off the blank with the carpet tape; that's okay. Mount the blank on the router.

3. Mark the bit opening centerpoint. Fit a V-

grooving bit in the router. Plunge the bit against the blank. Don't even plug the router in; just turn the bit a few limes by hand, scoring a centermark into the blank.

Remove the blank from the router. On the drill press, drill the smallest-diameter hole you can through the blank at the centermark.

4. Scribe the crosshairs. Peel the protective paper from the blank (if it isn't already removed). Using a square and a scratch awl, score the crosshairs on the bottom of the blank. Apply dark-colored paint to the scored lines with a fine brush, then wipe the baseplate clean. The paint will cling to the scratches, highlighting the lines. (As an alternative, you can try using a fine-tipped marker to color and highlight the scratched crosshair lines.)

5- Bore the bit opening. You can bore this hole on the drill press with a large-diameter bit. Or remount the

Drilling thermosetting plastic requires a high chuck speed and a rapid in-and-out feed action. Feed the bit sharply for only a moment, then retract it clear of the plastic. Feed sharply again, but only briefly. Retract the bit. This in-and-out action keeps the bit cool enough that it won't melt the plastic.

new baseplate on the router, and plunge-bore the bit opening with a large-diameter straight bit.

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