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Before you being cutting work, evaluate your table saw carefully. You are about to make an extension wing for it. What should the dimensions of it be? (If you have a Rockwell/Delta contractor's saw. the dimensions specified here will work perfectly.) Can it be mounted to the saw as J¡¡f shown in the drawings? If not, how can you attach the new JS extension wing to the saw?

1. Make the tabletop. Cut two pieces of Vvinch la plywood to the dimensions specified by the Cutting List. QJ Glue-laminate them face to face. Prepare hardwood edge-banding while the glue cures. When the clamps are off the plywood tabletop core, trim it to square the core and clean up the edges. Then apply the edge-banding. Flush-trim the edge-banding.

Apply the plastic laminate next. The lop surface should get a piece of smooth, light-colored, unpatterned laminate, in my opinion. (I used a piece of battleship-gray laminate I found in the Rodale Press Design Shop, and it matches the color of the saw nicely and serves well mechanically. But it's too dark for me to easily sec the setup lines I sometimes pencil on the tabletop.) Apply backer to the bottom surface. Trim the laminate with a 45-degree chamfering bit, forming the bevel around the tabletop at the same time.

If this is your first venture of this sort, turn to the chapter "Custom Router Table Top" on page 156 for more detailed information on making a tabletop.

Cutting List

Part Qty. Dimensions Material

Substrate 2 VS X 16" X 25" Plywood


Plastic laminate. 19" X 28"

Backer. 19" X 28"

3 brass threaded inserts, ^e**-18

3 hex-head bolts with flat washers. M6"-18 x 1"

2 brass threaded inserts, W-16

2 cap bolts, 3/s"-16x VAn

Acrylic plastic mounting plate, 7fT X 10J4"

2. Lay out the mounting holes. I attached the router table top to the saw with bolts driven through the cast-iron saw table and the rip fence rails.To do this. I took advantage of existing holes in the saw table and the rails.

On the Rockwell/Delta saw. the standard stamped-stcel extension wings are mounted using three 3to-inch bolts run through the wing into threaded holes in the saw table. By using Vih-inch bolts, I could insert them through the saw table's holes, driving them into threaded inserts in the router table top. Using the smaller bolts even provided



TOP VIEW (Substrate with edge bands applied)

Mounting point to rip fence rail

Mounting point to saw table

Mounting point to saw table

W X W rabbet for mounting plate

Rip fence guide bar

Rip fence guide bar r


W X W rabbet for mounting plate

Rip fence guide bar



END VIEW, saw-table edge

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