Making the Beamand Column Assembly

The bcam-and-column assembly is the structure that holds the router and the stylus, keeping one perfectly aligned in relation to the other. Despite its looks, it is very simple to build if you take your time and set up cach operation carefully.

1. Cut the pivot blocks. I'd recommend preparing a single piece of straight-grained stock to the thickness and width specified by the Cutting List for the pivot blocks. It should be a couple of feet long. Crosscut the board into five pieces f/i inches long. The extra piece will allow you the luxury of ruining one when setting up for cutting the tenons on the ends.

The pivot block tenons are cut with a plug cutter chucked in your drill press. Setting fences to secure the workpieces is the painstaking part. The cutter itself makes the tenon-forming work foolproof.

2. Form the tenons on the pivot blocks. Because this is a drill press operation, the initial task is to set up that machinc.The pivot block has to be aligned with the axis of the chuck. Chuck a small-diameter bit or a centering pin in the drill press. Draw diagonals across the end of a pivot block to find the center. Align this pivot block under the drill bit. taking die time to center the piece perfectly. Then clamp fences to the drill press table so each block can be placed in the same position.

Now chuck a plug cutter or tenon cutter in the drill press. Since you're going to cut a round tenon to fit the inner race of a ball bearing (and not a plug to bung a hole), you don 't want to use a plug cutter that cuts a tapered plug. Use the more conventional type of plug cutter that produces plugs with parallel sides, or one of the longer plug, tenon, and dowel cutters. Set the drill press's depth stop so the cutter will cut vk inch into the ends of the blocks. Cut a test tenon on the extra pivot-block blank to check this selling.

With the correctness of the setup confirmed, cut tenons on both ends of all the blocks (including the test block). If there is any tendency for the blocks to move or vibrate while you are cutting the tenons, clamp them to the fences. This will give you smoother and more precise tenons that will fit into the bearings belter.

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