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Making the template is pretty much a can't-miss proposition. You use an offset gauge, which is most commonly used in positioning straightedges for routing dadoes and grooves. Not only will this technique work for this jig. it's also a good way to guide a router when routing mortising windows in templates intended to be used with guide bushings.

1. Make an offset gauge. Cut this using the router and bit you will use with the mortising template that you are about to make. Set up the router. Now cut a 6- to 12-inch-long strip of '/»-inch to '/¿-inch plywood, MDF or hard board, ripping it about i to 5 inches wide. This is a gauge blank.

Clamp a fence near the edge of a workbench. Butt the gauge blank to the fence; tack it down with a couple of brads, or stick it down with carpet tape. Guide the router along the fence,cutting through the stock.Pry up the gauge. You now have a way to position your template fences.

2. Cut the parts. You need a piece of plywood about 15 inches square for the template, and about 4 feet of V* X 1 '/¿-inch hardwood stock for the fences.

3. Lay out the window on the template. Lay a drop-leaf hinge, barrel up, in the center of the plywood and trace around it with a sharp pencil. Mark the centerline of the hinge pin, too. extending diis line well beyond the outline of the hinge.

A base guiding mortising template is simple to make and use. The wooden cleats attached to the template material guide the router as it cuts the window m the template, and also as it cuts the mortise itself.

4. Set the template's fences. Use the offset gaugc for this, as shown in the drawing I'encingln Sequence. Lay the gauge so one edge just covers one of the pencil lines outlining the mortise. Clamp the gauge to the template blank, then butt a strip of the fence stock to its opposite-edge. Screw the fence to the template blank (it's best, of course, if you drive the screws through the template stock into the fence stock).

Now use the gauge in the same way to position fences

Cut down offset gauge mortise is too large or too small, adjust the fence positions, and repeat the test procedure.

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    How to figure guide bushing offset for making a mortise?
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