Offset Baseplate on a DHandled Router

If you are partial to D-handled routers, as I am, you may appreciate this little tip. Make an offset baseplate without an auxiliary knob. Extend the offset under the D-handle. It's a "transparent" modification to the router in most circumstances—you just don't realize it's there.

But when you need that extra baseplate area, you simply shift the position of the router, putting the extra surface where it will do the most good.

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Flush-Trimming Baseplate

Make an old standard out contemporary, high-tech materials. It's extra slick, extra tough.

This is a basic fixture in any rmiter"magician's bag o' tricks. What you see is not a revolutionary new design, bui a contemporary version of an old stan-dird-Wlut I've done is tweaked the design to extend the reach of the router bit and used high-quality materials that nuke the fixture smooth-operating and long-lasting.

There are many approaches to flush-trimming jobs, but this baseplate is a great general-purpose fixture because it trims the surface upon which it rests. It's the baseplate I use. for example, to trim wooden edge-banding or plugs concealing screws. The design shines especially brightly when nosing into edge-banded corners, where other flush-trimming approaches generally falter.

The trick is the two-layered design. The router is ittached to the upper layer, which I call the sole. Attached to the sole's bottom surface is a shorter layer, which 1 call theheel.The heel raises the router inch above the work surface so it can clear protrusions. The bit extends below the router, set just clear of the work surface, where it engages those protrusions and shears them off. Because the bed is angled back sharply from the bit. the bit can get into comers. As you work, the baseplate can slide onto the newly trimmed surface, and you extend the trimmed area acn further.

Two different baseplate sizes are shown. One is for a laminate trimmer, the other for a regular fixed-base router

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