Shop Built Slot Mortiser

With this fixture, you can use your plunge router to cut mortises—and to rout tenons, slots, and grooves, even to cut moldings and raise panels. It's a Marvelous Machine.

Furniture Made With Plunge Router

Faced with the need to cut hundreds of mortises, Boh Moran went shopping for a machine to do the job. He discovered, he says, "I had neither the money nor the space for a commercially made slot mortiser." After thinking 3 all over and listing his requirements and desires. Bob realized that he could better satisfy his needs by simply designing and building his own slot mortiser.

Bob built his fixture around a plunge router.The router is mounted horizontally on a plate that rides back and forth on shafts fixed to a bench. As I'll soon explain in detail, there we several adjustments you can make to control the depth, length, and position of a mortise. To cut a mortise, you damp the workpiccc to the workbench, then plunge the fuuter and slide it along the mortiscr's shafts.

Let me tell you. this is one slick-working device. The router and its mount roll effortlessly back and forth on those shafts.The fine adjustments possible are super-precise. Hung «the end of a workbench or the back of a router table, the mortiser doesn't take up valuable shop space. The router can be removed quickly and used for other jobs.

In the many years since Bob designed and built his Man-clous Mortiser. it has proven itself to be extremely reliable, accurate, and convenient. It even beats the commercial ones when mortising large, unwieldy stock because the stock itself is fixed during mortising.

Best of all, it isn't a one-job fixture. It can function in he every way that a horizontal router table can. You can cut tenons on it. You can rout grooves and slots, you can raise I/) panels, you can rout moldings.

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