Super Tuning the Router

To get the best out of the router crank, you need a router that plunges smoothly. But I haven't used too many plunge routers that worked right straight out of the box. You usually need to buff 'em a little. Literally.

Remove the motor from the base. This is a matter of removing the nuts from the height-stop rod and pulling the motor off the plunge posts. Set the springs aside.

Now polish those posts. If the router's plunge action has been very sticky, you may want to use fine-grit emery paper. Oftimcs. you can improve the action simply by polishing the posts with something like a Scotchbritc pad. I work up the posts until they literally shine. ("Will this buffing affect the fit?" you ask. "Can I unknowingly remove a thousandth or two of metal from the posts and make them too loose in the bushings to function properly?" They arc-questions I asked. let me tell you. The several experts I consulted assured me it would take hours of buffing with emery paper to scour a thousandth off the rods. Polishing them will have only a positive effect on their performance.)

Work on the bushings that the plunge posts fit into. Roll the emery paper into a tube, and buff the bushings with it. Wipe the posts and bushings clean, then wax the posts really well.

When you reassemble the router, you may want to try this trick: Install only the spring that's on the side by the height-stop rod. Here's the rationale.The router is designed to plunge smoothly when force- is applied to BOTH handles. When you use the crank (or any adjustment knob), you are in effect applying the force to only one handle, which throws the system out of balance-. You can restore the balance by leaving out the one spring.

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