Table Saw Extension Router Table

Gain a router table without sacrificing precious shop space: Integrate a router mounting into your table saw.

the standard rip fence moored to 1 '/»-inch-diameter rails. If you have a Delta contractor's saw. the specifics presented here should work for your saw. If you have a different brand, you may have to make some alterations. And certainly a different rip-fence mounting would also probably require some alterations to the router tabic top or its mounting approach.

My saw is positioned in my shop so that 1 don't have to address the router table from the front of the saw. I step around the saw to the right and work at the end of the extension table.

Included with this project is a boxlike facing for the rip fence. My misgivings about router tables of just diis sort emanate from my fear of inadvertently routing the steel fence. Carbide-tipped cutters will cut aluminum but not steel. So when 1 made the fence facing, I made it 5x/i inches wide, so I can just about bury a horizontal panel-raiser without encroaching on the fence's steel.

A plus of the fence design is that it serves as a conduit for dust and chips. I just plug the shop vacuum's hose into the hole at the end of the fence, and much of the router-generated debris is pulled through the fence opening away from the bit. Admittedly, there's a lot that ends up on my pants and shoes and on the floor. But even- little bit of dust collection helps.

ie router tabic is so useful thiBeyery shop, however small, should have one. I realize [that in the typical home shop, space is at a premium, and I know that every stationary tool added to the inventory steals a little space from all the others.

Here's a solution: Integrate the router into the table saw.

Now I'll be the first to admit that I resisted this approach. But having finally built an extension-wing router table. I can recommend it for small shops—as an easv-to-build first router table or as a workable secondary router table (which is its role in my home shop).

The advantages of this arrangement arc several.

• A table saw is the first major investment of almost every woodworker, so you've got one in your shop (or you are about to get one!).

• The tabic saw is good and heavy, and its mass will help dampen vibration and add to the router table's stability.

• The broad expanse of the saw table means you've got a big router table.

• The table saw's rip fence can double as the basis for a router table fence.

This project is based on the router table top I made for my Rockwell (now Delta) contractor's saw. equipped with

7J O

to table saw extension router table exploded view


Edge bands

Delta Saw Extension

Threaded inserts


Threaded inserts



Edge bands

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