The Clamp Plate

The primary shop-made vacuum-clamping device is what I call a clamp plate. As I noted earlier, it is simply a board or plastic panel with vacuum tape outlining a vacuum chamber (or series of connected chambers) on one side. A

Clamp plates can be made in almost any size, as these examples demonstrate. Both the smallest plate and the medium-sized one are heavily polyurethaned Baltic Birch plywood. The largest is two pieces of MDF, glued face-to-face and covered with plastic laminate.

Plate drops into opening in router table top.


Cutting List

Part Qty. Dimensions


Plate 1 fc" x 8" x 11W



Vacuum tape. x 'A", approx. 42"

Brass vacuum fitting, male

■ •,Acrylic, polycarbonate, and phenolic are all suitable for

this application.

Brass fitting threaded into pilot in plate -

Vacuum port Vacuum tape applied around perimeter of the plate vacuum port allows you to pull the air out of the chamber, sucking the work to the plate.

This is a whole lot better way lo secure workpieces for routing operations than using those router pads. One big advantage is that the work is elevated above the workbench by the plate thickness, so you have a little clearance for a pilot bearing when doing edge-forming cuts. (Hut hey, don't rout through the vacuum hose!)

The clamp plate does need to be anchored to a workbench in some way to prevent it from pushing away from you. You can dog it, for example. You can attach it to a workbench with screws. It doesn't have to be mounted on the horizontal, either. Mounted on the end of a workbench, a

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