Transition Plate Layout

desire.(Because these rods can be unscrewed from the transition plate as easily as they are screwed into it, you can make a pair of short rods to supplement the rods specified.)

The second set of rods connects the trammel to the router. The specifications of these router rods depend upon the router. Some machines, such as the Freud, Hitachi, and Ryobi routers, use quite large-diameter rods. The D-handled Makita uses only one rod, and it's pretty hefty. Porter-Cable, DeWalt, and other brands and models use twin rods, but the spacing and rod diameter vary. So use your router as a guide here.

The router rods shouldn't be too long. You'll get the minimum ilex in the structure if the transition plate can be snugged against the router base. F.rgo, the rods need only be long enough to reach from the transition plate to an inch or so beyond the router's locking screws or knobs.

After selecting and cutting the two sets of rods to length, use a die to cut threads on one end of each rod. Since the transition plate is only /fc inch thick, you need only-thread a Vinch-long section of each rod.

12. Make the transition plate. 'ITtc transition plate has to be customized to accommodate your router. The holes for the trammel rods can be laid out and drilled based on the drawing Transition Plate Layout. But the holes for the router nxLs have to be laid out from your router.

After the holes have been laid out, drill and tap them.

13. Assemble the trammel. Turn the trammel rods and muter rods into die transition plate. Slide the trammel rods into the adjustment bar. Drop a small compression spring over the stud of each lock knob, and thread the studs into the inserts in the adjustment bar. (The purpose of the springs is to prevent the locking knobs from vibrating loose during use.) Tighten them down on the trammel rods, locking their positions.

Turn dte vacuum fitting into the the vacuum port in the pivot base. Apply the vacuum tape to die bottom surface of the pivot base.

You are ready to rout circles!




Hole for router rod; diameter and spacing varies with the router used

Hole for '/V-dia. trammel rod

Hole for router rod; diameter and spacing varies with the router used

Hole for '/V-dia. trammel rod

Drill a 27Aa" hole;

---thread the hole

Cut threads on end of '/V'-dia. trammel rod.

H" phenolic

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