TSlide Tester

To help fit the slide, cut a T-slot in an extra piece of the baseplate stock. Make this tester as you rout the T-slot in the base, using the same setups. As you refine the slide, check how it fits in this tester. When you can pass the slide through the tester's slot, it's ready to use in the baseplate.

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5. Cut the baseplate to shape. With the T-slot cut and the slide lock installed.you can trim the baseplate's rectilinear form to the more teardrop shape. This is done quickly and easily on the band saw. If you don't have a band saw, use a saber saw. Then sand the edges square with a belt sander.

6. Make and fit the slide. The slide is formed by routing two rabbets into an edge of a hardwood strip, forming u tongue between them. For safety's sake, this operation should be performed on a workpiece that's 2 inches or more wide. After cutting the rabbets, check the fit of the tongue in the already-cut T-slot. If it won't fit the slot, make the rabbets a bit wider. If it is too loose, start over, making the rabbets narrower.

When the tongue fits the slot, rip the slide from the workpiece. Set up the ripping cut so the slide will fall to the outside of the blade. Fit the slide to the T-slot. With a block plane, remove shavings from the slide's back and the

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