Using the Baseplate

Is Uiis an easy operation? You bet it is. Set up the router with the crosshair baseplate and the correct bit; then set the correct plunge depth.

The site of every hole must be laid out with crossed layout lines. Set the router over the marks, and gel the baseplate's crossed hairs directly over the layout marks. Switch the router on and plunge the bit.

To create the crosshairs, work in good light with a square and scratch awl (top). Line up the square so it bisects the tiny centermark hole. Then draw the awl firmly along the square's blade, scoring the plastic as deeply as possible. After both lines are scratched into the baseplate, highlight them with dark-colored paint (bottom). Use a tiny artist's brush to apply a bead of paint along the scratched lines. Wipe the excess from the plastic, leaving just a thread of it in the scratches.

It's going to be a bull's-eye! You can't look directly down on the crosshairs and see without distortion how they line up with the layout lines. But the crosshairs of this baseplate make it dramatically easier to line up the router for plunge-boring.

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