Using the Templates

The basic tcchniquc is straight forward: Clamp the template to the workpiece, set up the router, and rout.

When you do this, you get a circle. Cut completely through the workpiece. and it is a big hole. Cut partway through die workpiece. and it's a groove or a recess. Use a groove-forming bit with a profile—a core-box bit, for example, or a plunging round-over bit—and you can form decorative bull's-eyes or rosettes.

1. Clamp the template to the workpiece.

Depending upon where the circular cut must be made, any of a variety of clamping techniques may be in order. If the location is close to an edge, you can simply clamp the template to the workpiece. If it is beyond a clamp's reach, use carpel tape or hot-melt glue.

Lining up the template for a cut that must be placed precisely is a little tricky. You can scribe crosshairs on the template, Uien try to align them with similar marks on the workpiece. You can also scribe a circle on the workpiece that is the same size as the template opening. Line up the template on the circle.

2. Set up the router. Do your math, or consult the size table on page 11. Select the bit and the guide bushing combination needed for the size hole you are going to rout. Chuck the bit in the collet, and fit the bushing to the baseplate. Set the plunge depth.

3- Rout the hole. Set the router on the template with the collar tight against the edge. Switch on the router, plunge the bit, and feed the router clockwise around the o >

The results are anything but boring, but you've got to be imaginative in your choices of bits and guide bushings. The boring templates can help you produce through holes, stepped holes, recesses, grooves, and arcs, in all sorts of profiles.

template. Keep the collar tight against the template edge as you work. Plunge a litde deeper for the second revolution, and go to the full depth for the third round.

If you are merely routing a recess, setting the depth of cut is pretty important. Plunge to that depth and rout around the template. Then move the router back and forth, clearing the waste from the middle of the recess.The template and guide bushing will ensure that you don't wander out of die defined area (something that's easy to do when frcchanding a recess).

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