13. Rough cut panels (B1 and CI) about 1/2-in. oversize.

14. Glue-up the panels with spacers (B2, B3, C2 and C3) to create the thick sides and top (Photo 5). Pin the parts in place first with a brad nailer to keep them from skating under pressure. Use weight to clamp the panels.

15. Trim the panels square on the tablesaw (Photos 6 and 7).

16. Drill three shallow holes for the rare earth magnets across the back edge of the top panel and about 1-1/2-in. in from either end (Fig. A.).

17. Apply the top and bottom edging (B5) to the side panels and the front and back edging (C4) to the top panel then plane flush.

18. Rip the side panels to final width, making a cut on each edge to leave the end caps perfectly flush with the sides.

19. Cut the top panel to final length in the same manner.

20. Apply the front and back edge bands (B4, B6) on the side panels last to hide the end grain of the top and bottom edge bands. Applying the edge bands before veneering creates a seamless looking panel.

21. After the panel is veneered, cut the rabbet at the back inside edge of the sides panels (Fig. A, Detail 3, page 52). Add trim pieces (B7) to the rabbet.

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