Figure C

Shelf Placement

Drill 1/4-in. holes for the shelf pins. You can drill a series of holes for adjustability if you like, but the cabinet looks best with just enough holes to support each shelf.

The spacing grows by an inch for each shelf from bottom to top. I think the impulse would be to space the shelves with the tallest opening at the bottom (like a chest of drawers). For this display cabinet, I like the tall opening at the top, because it puts the largest display area at eye level, and it balances the mass of the plinth-like base at the bottom.

: i n innnr boards flush with the base panel and with one another.

10. Cut a small rabbet along the bottom of the baseboard (Fig. A, Detail 1 ) to create a shadow line at the floor and lighten the visual mass of the base.

11. Locate and drill the holes for the threaded inserts in the base to accept the levelers (Fig. A, Detail 2, page 52). The threaded insert should be set under an outside rib.

12. Drill holes in the base for the confirm√Ęt screws (Fig. A, Detail 2).

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