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Super Dovetail Jigs

Leigh Industries' Super Jigs present many virtues found on Leigh's legendary D4R dovetailing jig. Available in 12-, 18- and 24-in. models, there's a Super Jig priced to fit every budget. Super Jigs allow cutting variably-spaced through and half-blind dovetails, fixed half-blind dovetails in a single pass, sliding dovetails and box joints. Half-blind dovetail joints can be rabbeted, to create lipped drawer fronts. Quick-action cam clamps make it easy to install and remove workpieces.

Super Jigs require simple assembly. Plan to spend a while with the owner's manual. It's fully illustrated and well written, so it's easy to read and understand. Switching from one operation to another requires minor changes, such as flipping over the guide finger assembly or installing snap-in adaptors—a small price to pay for the jigs' versatility. A handy pull-out quick-reference set-up guide stores under the jig.

Three router bits and Leigh's new "e-Bush" (left photo, above) are included with each Super Jig. The e-Bush is an eccentric guide bushing that's used to adjust the fit of sliding dovetail and box joints. The Super Jig is shown above with the vacuum and router support (VRS) installed. An added-cost accessory we recommend, the VRS corrals dust and adds front support that will keep your router from tipping. Source

Leigh Industries Ltd, www.leighjlgs.com, (800) 663-8932, Super Jig 12, $219; Super Jig 18, $299; Super Jig 24, $369; VRS (vacuum router support), $72-$84, depending on jig size.

The cutout at the front of the support frame provides better access to the router when the top is down.

With the tabletop tilted up, it's easy to pop open the base clamp and pull the motor to change bits.

Dust collection is built-in to the fence and can be added under the table.

Integral clamps stay with the fence, yet allow it to be adjusted one end at a time. Big plastic wing nuts are easy on the fingers.

American Woodworker march 2008

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