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Plywood Tipper

Hoisting heavy sheets of plywood and MDF onto my tablesaw is not my idea of workshop fun. That's why I devised this pivoting rack— and began storing my sheet stock vertically.

The rack's frame fits around the two base uprights and pivots on bolts. A cleat at the bottom keeps the sheet from sliding off.

After installing a sheet on the rack, I simply tip it down toward the saw. A horizontal stop with adjustable feet holds the rack at tablesaw height. The feet are oriented upside down, so they thread into the top of the stop.

Miles Clay




The remote control module for my dust collection system used to drive me crazy: When it was clipped to my belt or pocket, it would turn the system on whenever I inadvertently bumped into something (my shop is rather crowded). I solved the problem by gluing a wood collar around the "on" button.

Mark Thiel

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