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Award winning air filtration and dust collection products,

1.5 HP Dust-force 1 Micron Bag 1850 Max CfM

Mini Maxpath with 24" X 24" Table, Hitachi Spindle Motor, All Metal Frame Starting at $2995

Includes control software for your PC and a CAM program for easy G-Code creation from any image file such as JPG, STL and DXF. Includes 20 free Vector Clip 3D art files. Start carving complex 3D and 2.5D shapes In minutesI Samples below.

3 HP Dust-force 1 Micron Canisters 8500 Max CfM

Thrifty Woodworker

1. Eraser tips. The erasers on my pencils never last long enough. $0.79 for 12.

2. 9 x 12 manila envelopes for storing a project's paperwork. Write pertinent information on the outside. $9 a box.

3. Graph pads for drawing projects to scale. $4 each.

4. Legal pads for notes, sketches, cutting lists, material costs, construction notes, etc. $7 per dozen.

5. Clipboard storage case with calculator. For traveling, I keep inside the case a legal pad, graph pad, pen, project envelopes and a phone list of lumber and hardware suppliers. $17.

6. Hand crank pencil sharpener. $13.

7. Poster board for full-size layouts and patterns. $1.99 for three sheets.

8. White chalk for marking stock when jointing or planing. $1 a box.

9. Drafting tools, These include a 12" engineer's ruler, three French curves, a circle template, a 45° triangle, a 30° triangle, a protractor and a 24" T-square.The total cost is about $20.

10. Paper Mate Mirado Black Warrior Pencils.These are my favorite pencils.Their soft lead is ideal for marking wood. $2.50 a dozen.

11. Large rectangular erasers. $2 for three.

12. Stretch wrap. I use it for bundling parts until I'm ready for assembly. $13 for 1,000 feet.

13. Dry-erase boards. Hang them up to keep to-do lists, reminders about shop supplies needed, etc.

E-mail your tip to thriftywoodworker& or send it to American Woodworker,Thrifty Woodworker, 1285 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180, Eagan, MN 55121. Submissions can't be returned and become our property upon acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions and use them in all print and electronic media.

Low-Budget Office Supplies

I BUY MOST OF MY drawing equipment at a large office supply store. I keep this long list handy so I can stock up whenever I go to the store:

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