Reference Line

Miter the rail's sticking by aligning the tenon's shoulder with the reference line.

Mark the backing board attached to the miter gauge. Draw a reference line from the corner of the kerf. Continue the line over the top of the backing board.

When setting up the mortiser, I add three numbers to calculate how deep to cut: 1) the length of the tenon, 2) the width of the sticking, and 3) another 1/16", to ensure that the tenon doesn't bottom out during assembly and to make room for excess glue.

Cut the tenons to fit

To cut the tenons, I use a stacking dado set and guide the workpiece with the miter gauge (Photo 5). I cut the same amount from both sides to center the tenon on the rail.The tablesaw's fence serves as a stop to limit the tenon's length. I cut a tenon on the test stock first and gradually raise the dado set until the test tenon fits snug in the mortise (Photo 6).

To gauge the fit of the tenon, I slide it into the mortise with hand pressure alone. If I were to need a mallet to insert the tenon, I know that the tenon

Stile Layout Lines


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