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Spindle Sander Extras

touches the sanding drum, and you're ready to go.

Donald W.Arnsmeier

MY OSCILLATING SPINDLE SANDER'S auxiliary table makes quick work of edge sanding short boards and forming perfect circles. Make the table from melamine or a laminate-covered material and fasten it to your sander's table. Make a fence the same length as the table and drill a hole through one end for a 3/8"x 6" dowel. Drill a series of 3/8" holes in a strip of hardwood and attach it to the back edge of the table.

To edge sand, place the board next to the sanding drum and adjust the fence so that it contacts the opposite side of the board. Remove the board and clamp the fence. Push the board along the fence, making sure you're going against the drum's rotation. If you need to remove more material, unclamp and pivot the fence. Always take light passes.

To sand circles, attach a 3/4" x 11/2" x 8" board to the back side of the fence. Drill a hole in this board large enough to slip a nail through.The nail acts as a pivot point. Rough cut your circle on the band saw, then place the offcuts plus a few business cards under the fence for clearance.Tap the nail into the center of the workpiece, move the fence so that the circle's edge just

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How Do You Create Stunning French Doors in Any Size, Design & Wood Species? ,

With Freud's NEW French Door Router Bit Sets

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Strong Extended Tenons of Any Length

For Making



Mortising Bit

For Making



End View

Simulated Divided Lights

For Making Simulated Divided Lights

Straight Bit

End View

For Making Simulated Divided Lights

Freud's Unique French Door Router Bit System Allows you to Build TVuly Customized French Doors without Spending a Fortune!

These custom doors are not only beautiful; their mortise and tenon construction can produce doors that will hold up in the toughest conditions. Thanks to Freud's unique system, you can create door joints with precisely fit tenons at any length to produce doors that will last a lifetime.The French Door Router Bit System is the only router bit set that produces French Doors with either True Divided Light or Simulated Divided Light grills.

Precisely the best.


5 Piece French Door Bit Sets:

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